The uncouth and uncaring Conservative party’s budget

Politics and Insights

After trying to address a rudely interrupting, unhearing, unfeeling, jeering and sneering Conservative party to deliver his response to the budget today, Jeremy Corbyn called the government “uncouth” and “uncaring” in a passionate speech, with barely constrained anger at how Conservatives’ policies are creating hardship and suffering for some of our most vulnerable citizens. A Tory MP had made an inappropriate and ageist comment about Corbyn’s age, while he was addressing the Conservatives’ cuts to social care.

Many of us have also used those words many times over the past seven years to describe a government that has stripped our public services bare, presided over falling and stagnating wages and huge hikes in the cost of living, removed lifeline support from ill and disabled people, stripping them of the means of meeting their basic needs, their independence and dignity, and savagely reducing funding to our local authorities, and essential public services…

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