The Decisions Facing Rachel Reeves on Friday 8th May 2015 (Part 6)

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Number 6: Unpicking Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘Welfare Reforms’ and Addressing the Matter of Sanctions

One assumes that Labour will have (well before next May) a reasonably well worked out set of policies designed to address the problems left behind by IDS. Problems resulting from the delivery (and development) of ESA; the roll out of the Personal Independence Payment; the scrapping of the Independent Living; the transfer of Council Tax Benefit to local authorities and so on.

In addition, the sanctions policy, so much beloved of IDS and certain senior DWP officials, needs to be returned to its default settings. I cannot think of any better place to begin the rebuilding of trust between DWP and its clients. DWP’s unfair, arbitrary and indiscriminate deployment of sanctions against the vast majority of its clients, those doing their level best to find work, is a disgrace. It runs counter to the whole idea…

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UKIP MEP attacks “feckless families” despite owing £2,000 in child support

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson likes to go on (and on) a lot about people she frequently refers to as “feckless” parents.

Although to be fair, as Janice has herself been taken to court twice for failing to pay for the upkeep of her own son – despite earning £79,000 a year plus expenses as an MEP –  presumably she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to feckless parenting.

atkinson fingerJanice telling voters what she thinks of them while out campaigning


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Pauline Got Promoted! DWP Management Psychobabble Is Turning Jobcentres Into Cults

the void

pauline-pensIf you want an example of the glassy-eyed idiots currently handed senior positions at the DWP then the twitter feed of the regional manager responsible for 149 Jobcentres in Central England is a good place to start.

When not attending tax payer funded leadership and emotional intelligence workshops, Sandra Lambert seems to spend most of her day tweeting ‘inspirational’ claptrap from her feed @CEDirector_WSD
The most disturbing thing is that she is not alone. This nonsense seems to extend across DWP management.

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